17 FEB

Kim Keever and Mariele Neudecker

I came across Kim Keever’s work through Man Make Home. He creates these miniature model landscapes in tanks, fills them water and then adds coloured dyes and photographs them. What you see is a mystical world deceptively captured through photography. Beautiful.



And here’s how he makes the magic…


However, I have seen this done before, about 8 years or so ago by Mariele Neudecker who created model landscapes in tanks of water as well as in other medium.

I Don’t Know How I Resisted the Urge to Run, 1998

I Don’t Know How I Resisted the Urge to Run, 1998

I remember it, because I was an art student at the time who was also making model landcapes and found her work inspirational. Funny how things can continue to inspire and re-emerge. These images of magical landscapes frozen in a tank have the ability to haunt you and stick in your mind. Only wish I’d seen one in the flesh.

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